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Our approach to direct mail marketing is all about selling cars in a unique way with a multimedia approach. We devise a direct mail marketing strategy that cultivates the relationship between the car dealership and its customers. Glossy advertisements and winning awards is not our goal, we provide our client’s with a direct mail marketing solution that works, while providing a quality experience for both the customer and auto dealership. We approach each campaign from the prospective of converting leads into sales. We are car guys and we sell cars. We service clients in the automotive, motorcycle and RV industry.
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About Ken Shafar

I am Ken Shafer, the President of Gateway Solutions Direct. I currently reside in San Diego with my lovely wife, where I launched Gateway Solutions Direct five years ago as a solution to auto dealership retention. With over 30 years of retail auto industry experience for domestic and import dealers, I am an expert at selling cars. I received my certification in Auto Dealership Management at the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy. I started as a salesman in the 70’s selling Datsun’s, then I advanced in my auto retail career to the President and CEO of Cornes and Motors in San Diego in the 90’s. Prior to my President and CEO positions, I was the GSM and GM of major domestic and import dealers.

I chose to further my career in the auto industry by focusing on the technology and marketing aspects of the industry. Over the last ten years I have worked with AutoByTel and Market Scan Information Systems, which has allowed me to implement strategies and effectively work alongside dealerships to produce results in converting and generating more leads. It was through the success of these relationships that Gateway Solutions Direct was born.
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We are car guys and we sell cars. We service clients in the automotive, motorcycle and RV industry.